Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No-sew Custom Bed Skirt

So, our bed frame is made of various lumber pieces and sits taller than most.  It’s been an awesome spot for extra storage.  However, it’s also impossible to find a bed skirt to cover up said storage of awesomeness. 

I dug around at Joann for some cheap upholstery fabric.  They have some that is red-tagged at only $6/yard, which is even better when you have a 50% off coupon.  I needed something white and heavy for a crisp, tailored look.  I finally found it (with help from Miss Beverly) in the drapery liner section.  Score, it was only $6.99/yard.  I bought 3.5 yards and a spool of 1/4 inch heat and bond. 

I cut my pieces …


Then I ironed their hems…

IMG_2469 IMG_2470


Once I got the three hems done, I super-steamed and ironed them so that they would bond really well.

Then I took everything into my room and attached it to my bed with a staple gun.  If my hems weren’t perfectly even it didn’t matter because I could adjust their height when stapling.  :D  How sweet is that?




Next project, a padded headboard.  


smarteze said...

So cool! Maybe I'll have to do something similar someday. Our bed is on cinder blocks for the extra storage room, and it's not a pretty picture!

Mike and Amy said...

That looks REALLY AWESOME!!! Good job, Erin, you smarty-pants, you!

Vanessa said...

sweet, be sure to post pictures of the place when it is fully staged--when you have time of course :)